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What is Evolve E-Bike Share?

Evolve E-Bike Share is the next step in mobility for British Columbia, easily getting you from here to there with a lighter environmental footprint. Simply find an Evolve E-Bike in the app, ride for as long as you like, and return it to any designated Evolve Parking Zone. Evolve E-Bikes are currently operating in Whistler, SFU Burnaby Campus and New Westminster, and are available for private businesses across Metro Vancouver and Victoria.

Evolve E-Bike Share is also available for businesses. Interested in setting up a private fleet for your organization? Visit Evolve for Business or contact us for details.

Where are Evolve E-Bikes available?

Evolve E-Bikes are currently available in Whistler, SFU Burnaby Campus and New Westminster. Find the e-bike pins in your Evo App to unlock and start your trip easily. For all the ins and outs of how Evolve works, visit our How it Works page.

I'm already an Evo Member, can I use Evolve E-Bikes too?

With your Evo Membership, you have instant access to wherever Evolve E-Bikes are available for public use.

    • E-bikes are electric pedal assisted bikes that operate using a battery. You ride an Evolve like you would a pedal bike, with the benefit of an electric assist motor that provides power to your own pedaling (making the steep hill a breeze!). But don’t worry, e-bikes don't propel on their own. Plus, each Evolve also has a bell to communicate to other road users, automatic front and rear LED lights, and a front basket to hold up to 5kg of gear.

    • Find an e-bike in the app or walk up to one at an Evolve Parking Zone. If an e-bike isn’t showing up on your app, it may have a low battery and is unavailable, so you’ll need to find another e-bike. Each Evolve has a plate number on the frame that is also listed in the app to help you find and match it easily.

    • There is a 5-minute reservation window to give you enough time to unlock and inspect the bike.

    • Unlock Evolve by locating the bike pin on the map or scanning the QR code on the bike within the app. Do a pre-trip check inspection, report any damage and hit the road. Don’t forget to adjust your seat height and put on your helmet before you hop on!

    • If you need to make a stop and want to keep Evolve, make a stopover. Just click “Stopover” in the app and Evolve will be there when you get back. When you’re ready to hit the road again, select “Resume Trip” to unlock it. Keep in mind that your trip time keeps accumulating while you’re in stopover mode. Plus, ensure you leave your e-bike in a way that doesn’t obstruct any pedestrians or road users.

    • Return Evolve to any designated Evolve Parking Zone, engage the kickstand and place the helmet in the basket. Hit the "End Trip" button in app, and you're done!

    • The red shaded areas are “no-riding zones”. Power will be removed from your Evolve E-Bike automatically when entering the no-riding zones.

      To ensure safety of all road users, Evolve designated no-riding zones are in areas with a higher concentration of pedestrians and all off-street shared pathways, trails and multi-use paths.

    • Evolve will help you get up to speeds of up to 25km/hr. While you may be able to go faster when going downhill, you won’t get an extra boost over this speed. If you enter designated no-riding zones, power will be eliminated from your Evolve E-Bike.

    • A fully charged battery will last for about 50km of ride time depending on conditions. Battery life can be viewed in the app so you can easily see how much battery life you need based on your expected trip length. Don’t sweat it though, even if the battery dies, you'll always be able to ride Evolve, it just won’t have the extra boost.

    • A fully charged battery will last for about 50km of ride time depending on conditions. Battery life can be viewed in the Evolve app so you can determine how much battery life you need based on your trip. Even if the battery dies, you will always be able to ride Evolve, it just won’t have that extra boost.

    • Ride an Evolve in designated bike lanes, paved biked trails, or on the street and return it to an approved spot in the Home Zone. Be aware that you must follow the rules of the road, walk Evolve on sidewalks and in no cycling zones and no off roading.

    • You pay only for the time you use. Our rates are by the minute or by the hour, and we always charge the rate that is cheapest for you. If you’re a frequent rider, you can purchase our monthly subscription plan, at just $9.99/month, you’ll be able to reduce the per-minute rate to $0.10/minute. There is also an unlock fee of $1.25 charged on your first 200 trips/calendar year (resets annually). For more details, take a look at our rate page.

    • For frequent riders, the monthly subscription provides discounted rates to encourage sustainable transportation. At only $9.99/month, you’ll enjoy a reduced per-minute rate of $0.10 (+$1.25 unlock fee). It’s the most affordable option if you take at least 2 trips per week.

      *Once subscribed, you’ll be billed only $0.10/minute, even though your app may display the regular rate.

    • You can opt-out of your monthly subscription at any time. Simply click on “My account” in your Evo app menu, scroll to the “Subscription plans” section and click “Edit”. Hit “No Subscription” and save your selection.

    • To purchase a monthly subscription, click “My account” in your Evo app menu, scroll to the “Subscription plans” section and click “Edit”. Select the “Evolve Monthly Subscription Plan” option and save. You’re now all set and your credit card will be billed monthly automatically.

    • Evolve’s pricing helps to offer flexibility and affordability for shorter, one-way trips that are typically used by local residents and commuters. Our rates are $0.35 per minute or $12.99 per hour (+ $1.25 unlock fee), allowing you to use our bikes for as little or as long as you need, without having to pay for a full day rental. If you need the bike for the entire day in Whistler, we recommend contacting a local bike rental shop for a more customized daily rental option.

    • The BCAA Member discount doesn’t apply to Evolve’s monthly subscription plans but you can still receive a 10% discount on regular Evolve E-Bike Share and Evo Car Share rates.

    • We have many Evolve Parking Zones where you can park your Evolve and end your trip. For the full list of locations and details, check out our Evolve Parking page.

    • You can park anywhere during a stopover, just make sure you’re sharing the space and that your e-bike doesn’t impede other pedestrians or vehicles. Plus, ensure you follow any applicable provincial laws or municipal by-laws.

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