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Go Round Trip

Say hi to Evo Return, round-trip car share now in Surrey and Nanaimo!

Evo Return is round-trip car share and the latest addition to our mobility fam, allowing Evo to be in even more places. Find Evo Return at Surrey Central and King George Skytrain stations in Surrey, and at the Hullo Ferry Terminal in Nanaimo. Evo Return can be booked for an hour or longer, all for the same Evo rates you’re used to. Plus, you can reserve up to 30 days in advance, so you’ll always have a car there when you need it. Just pick up and drop off in the same designated Evo Return Zone (this parking is for Evo Return cars only).

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How it works

You can reserve, unlock and start your trip all from the Evo App. Here’s how:

1 Reserve in the app up to 30 days in advance from either of our two Surrey Skytrain locations or our Nanaimo location (our Evo Return Zones).
2 You’ll get a digital key just ahead of your booking. Pick up your car from the Return Zone you booked at and use the digital key to unlock your Evo Return and hit the road.
3 Go anywhere, then end your trip back at same Evo Return Zone where you started.



Evo Return Zones

Parking Evo Return is simple because all trips start and end at one of our Return Zones, located at Surrey Central and King George Skytrain stations in Surrey, and the Hullo Ferry terminal in Nanaimo (check location deets in app - just tap Evo Return on your home screen). Evo Return can stopover in any approved Evo parking spot in the Metro Vancouver or Victoria Home Zones, but only Evo Return cars can park and end their trip at Return Zones (Evos from the Metro Vancouver or Victoria Home Zones can’t park in these spots).


Evo Return Zone


Evo Return Nanaimo map

Freedom you can afford

Evo Return is convenient and affordable round-trip car share. Book up to 30 days in advance and for as much time as you need - anywhere from one hour to 30 days per trip. Rates include gas, insurance and all the kilometres you can dream of! No caps, no limits.

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