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Share the flexibility

E-bike rates

Pay only for what you need. With per minute, per hour and monthly subscriptions available, you can share the good times, not just a bike.

Rates effective as of May 5, 2023


Per minute rate



Per hour rate



Unlock fee per trip



Monthly subscription rate

Designed for frequent riders, you can reduce the per-minute rate to $0.10 with just $9.99/month (unlock fees still apply). Cancel anytime. Check our FAQ for any questions.


Subscription minute rate

Save $0.25 per minute with a monthly subscription. Unlock fees still apply.


Service fees

Sharing is caring. Please treat Evolve like your own bike. Service fees are charged to ensure Evolve is always in good condition for everyone.

Rates effective as of May 29, 2023

Unauthorized Parking Fee



Unsecured E-Bike Fee



Lost, Stolen, or Damaged E-Bike Fee

Up to $2,500


Ticket charge & Processing fee

$20 + ticket


Relocation Fee

$50 +cost of relocation


Loss of Use Fee (e.g. Impounded E-Bike)

$50 + cost of recovering


Excessive Cleaning Fee

$50- $150


Helmet Replacement Fee


Evolve rates and fees are subject to GST.

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