Evolve E-Bike on a forest trail

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The perfect e-bikes for sharing

We made every Evolve E-Bike a pedal-assist Class 1 e-bike, specifically designed for sharing. Each e-bike comes with a shared helmet and basket so you can take all your gear with you.

  • Pedal-assisted

    Our e-bikes are electric pedal assisted, which means they work with you (and won’t take off on their own). The electric motor only kicks in when you’re pedaling, so simply ride Evolve like you would a pedal bike and go ahead and tackle that hill.

  • Easy to ride

    Evolve has a simple single-gear – no need to shift gears or adjust throttles. Every Evolve E-Bike also comes with safety features like automatic front and rear lights, drum brakes, secure handlebar grips, a bike bell and a shared helmet.

  • Eco-conscious

    Get amped up about a greener way of getting around. All our e-bikes are zero-emission which help reduce your environmental footprint. Plus, we’re the only operator in BC that partners with the Electronic Product Recycling Association (EPRA) to recycle our old e-bike parts.

  • Bring your gear

    Every e-bike has a front basket that holds up to 5kg of weight. Whether it's a backpack, groceries, or just about anything you want to bring along, you can get you and your stuff where you’re going easily.

  • Never get a flat

    Evolve uses airless tires so you don’t have to worry about your ride falling flat. With a durable and puncture-resistant tire design, you’re guaranteed a smooth ride.

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