Person refueling an Evo at gas pump

Now get 15% more back when you fuel up

We’re changing the way you can get reimbursed for fueling Evo. You can now choose to take your refund as drive time and get the total fuel cost plus 15% back in minutes. That means you can earn additional mins as a bonus to put towards your next trip!

Your options: Request a ‘CREDIT’ in the subject line (deets below) when submitting fuel receipts and you’ll get an extra 15% in mins back automatically, or request a refund and get only the fuel amount refunded. We’ve even done the math for you:

Sample Fuel Amount What you get back with a Refund Get 15% more with Driving Credit
$80 $80 $92

Tip: You can check Evo's fuel level in the app, just tap on the car pin.

How to request a credit

Follow the refueling process and put ‘CREDIT' in the subject line when you email your receipt and license plate to at the end of your trip*.


*Minutes are valid for one year. You must put 'credit' in the subject line when you submit your fuel receipt, or you will be issued a refund. 

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