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Get amped about more electric Evos

We’re making our fleet eco-friendlier by adding more electric Kia Niros to the Metro Vancouver Home Zone. Our electric cars work just like any other free-floating Evo with one key difference: they love a bit of help getting charged. By choosing to end your trip at one of the charging stations listed in the app, you can help us make this pilot a success (which means we can add even more EVs)!

Get FREE driving mins

If your electric Evo is below a 30% charge, end your trip by plugging in at one of the charging stations in the Evo App to get $10 in drive time. Learn More.


Here’s how to check the charge level of your electric Evo.


Charging Stations

Electric Evos can now park at any of the charging stations in the Evo App. These are public chargers (so you might see other cars parked here too) and include ChargePoint, FLO and BC Hydro. If a public charger isn’t listed on the Evo App, you cannot end your trip there! And remember, only electric Evos can park in these spots.


Map of Evo electric vehicle charging stations in Vancouver


How it works


Reserve (you’ll know it's an electric Evo if the pin has a lightning bolt), unlock and hit the road all from the Evo App. If Evo is plugged into a charging station, start your trip then unlock Evo to unplug the cable.  


Drive anywhere, just end your trip in the Metro Vancouver Home Zone. If you need to charge Evo during a stopover, use the RFID card in the glove compartment and follow the charging instructions.


You can end your trip in any approved Evo parking spot in the Metro Vancouver Home Zone or by plugging Evo in at one of the charging stations in the app (yep, we see you super charger!).

Get plugged in

If you choose to end your trip by plugging in at one of the charging stations in the app, follow these easy steps:


Grab the RFID card located in the glove box of Evo (just tap it against the charging station to begin charging).


Open the charging port located near left headlight (look for the lightning bolt sticker).


Insert charging cable, make sure the cable clicks inside the charging port.


The blue lights on the dash should illuminate when Evo is charging.


Return the RFID card to the glove compartment and then end your trip.

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